Ideas on using measurable marketing for small and medium-sized business

Do you want to run your own Google Adwords campaigns, but have heard about the nightmares of people spending a fortune with no results? Perspective Internet Consulting will help. We can teach you to run your own PPC campaigns in a single day. Learn more.

Learn Google Adwords in a Day

Many small business owners want to advertise with Google Adwords (pay-per-click advertising), and want to control the campaigns themselves. Whether they cannot justify the cost of a monthly management fee or they just want to be in control of their campaigns, Perspective Internet Consulting can help.

We now offer a program we call “Learn Google Adwords in a Day”. Jeff Coleman, owner of Perspective Internet Consulting and an instructor at UCSD Extension, will come to your location to teach you the basics of Pay-per-Click (PPC) and get your accounts set up and running in a single day. The day includes:

  • Mini-Course on the Basics of Pay-per-Click
  • How to Find the Right Keywords
  • Writing Text Ads that Get Clicked
  • Setting Up a Cost Effective Campaign
  • Winning Bidding Strategies
  • Geotargeting – Keeping It Local
  • Landing Pages that Convert

Once your campaigns are set up and running, you will have the basic knowledge needed to maintain your campaigns. However, we will not leave you without any support. We are available for campaign reviews.

Can I Learn PPC in a Day?

Anyone who is a little technically savvy can learn pay per click. Of course, we will not claim that you will be an expert after only one day. However, in most local markets, PPC is not too competitive. We will provide you with plenty of knowledge and skills to be successful in your local market.

In addition, we also provide you with our 7 Step Guide to Google Adwords. This easy-to-follow guide provides you with each step of setting up a new Google Adwords campaign.

How Much Investment is Required?

The big investment is your time. You need to commit to turning off the phone and not responding to email for much of the day (of course you can during breaks, etc.). The day costs just $850, which is less than many companies charge for a single campaign setup. Additional hours of consultation are billed at $100 per hour.

To schedule a day to Learn Google Adwords in a Day, contact Perspective Internet Consulting.