Ideas on using measurable marketing for small and medium-sized business

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Search Engine Optimization

Perspective Internet Consulting focuses only on “white hat” SEO techniques. “Black hat” is about tricking the search engines to rank you higher. White hat is about building an authority site — a useful resource — for web searchers.

To develop an authority site, you need to develop appropriate site structures and make your site easy for the search engines to review and index. Also, it is important to identify existing internal content that could be converted into valuable web site content.

Of course, it is also important to make sure all meta tags are appropriate and informative, but anyone who is selling you on better search engine placement by updating your meta tags is selling nothing but snake oil. Adding regular fresh content to your site is another basic strategy that can have far-reaching effects.

Organic Media

Once your web site is up to snuff, the next step is to build incoming links. These are important for driving new traffic as well as improving your search engine placement. Possibilities include blogs, PR placements, articles, videos, and more.

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